Preventative Maintenance

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Preventative Maintenance

Most people wait until their heating and cooling systems malfunctions or breaks to seek professional help. This results in costly repairs, often during the extreme temperatures of Melbourne’s winter or summer.

The only solution is to opt for a preventive maintenance schedule. For this reason, Griepink & Ward offers tailor made schemes for both residential and commercial settings.

For homes, we recommend owners get in touch to have their equipment checked before the onset of winter and summer. This ensures the systems are working at peak levels before they are needed the most. Our technicians service the systems at very affordable costs, much cheaper than a repair bill.

For commercial premises, preventive maintenance is even more vital. Expensive electrical or electronic equipment rely on a consistent temperature to operate efficiently. Any changes to the temperature, such as a broken heating or cooling system, can have a substantial impact on productivity.

To prevent expensive and disruptive repairs, we created affordable maintenance plans. Under this plan, our technicians arrive at periodical intervals to inspect your equipment. We also simultaneously conduct any servicing required so that there is no downtime for the system.

Griepink & Ward offers discounts on long term preventive maintenance contracts, so why wait? Call us now!


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