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Preventive Maintenance & Scheduled servicing

We understand that Melbourne’s extreme climate in summer and winter requires any air conditioning or heating equipment to always work at peak efficiency.
To maintain your systems warranty and prevent costly repairs, we recommend regular servicing as preventive maintenance. Griepink & Ward offers tailored schedules for your Heating and Cooling system, and our maintenance servicing can be provided for a wide range of clientele.


For most residential properties, we recommend annual servicing to ensure the systems are working at peak levels before they are needed the most. We keep a profile of your system and can arrange reminders to be sent to you, so you can ‘set and forget’! Our technicians service the systems at very affordable costs, much cheaper than a repair bill.

Commercial and Investment property management

For commercial premises, preventive maintenance is even more vital. To prevent expensive and disruptive repairs, we created affordable maintenance plans designed specifically for your system. Under this plan, our technicians arrive at periodical intervals to inspect your equipment. We also simultaneously conduct any servicing required so that there is no downtime for the system.

To request a Preventative Maintenance Agreement quote from us, please submit an enquiry online or call our office on 03 9568 5511.