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Griepink Ward Company profile:

From the beginning in the late sixties, our company’s principal activity has been focused on providing our customers with better designed and installed heating and cooling systems. Our focus on clients over the years has seen our company grow into one of Melbourne’s most respected residential and commercial air conditioning companies.

We employ dedicated personnel who are committed to customer satisfaction. We provide a one stop shop with design, installation and maintenance services tailored to particular requirements. We are also proud to be an equal opportunity employer and approved Apprenticeship Trainer.

Our innovative Design Team draws on a vast technical knowledge gained over many years of schooling and hands-on experience working with architects, consultants, builders and homeowners.

Teamwork enables us to achieve competitive costing. All our personnel are employed by our company ensuring we do not compromise our high standards of quality.

Our company has a proven track record in expertly designed, gas fired ducted heating systems, with integrated refrigerated air conditioning, reverse cycle (heat pumps) systems, VRF and VRV (variable refrigerant Flow systems) 2 pipe and 3 pipe heat recovery systems, all suitable for medium to large residential homes and commercial buildings. All our systems rely on computer generated heating and cooling calculations resulting in the accuracy required for achieving the perfect climate control. We also design and install condensation minimization and ventilation systems for indoor pools.

At Griepink Ward we are proud to say we excel in three specific areas, including;

Quality Control: A system performance level at AS1861 or better, is achieved by designing systems assembled from quality units and components which result in quieter operations and readily available replacement parts. We assign Project, construction and site managers to each job to ensure that the standard of quality and integrity of projects is delivered.

Unique Designs: We take heating and air conditioning seriously. We do not provide “One size fits all” systems like those fitted to mass produced homes which often produce profoundly disappointing results.

Service: Our highly experienced Service Department can maintain or service your system and quickly respond to emergencies. We provide a quality support service that is difficult to find these days. We are also fully trained and accredited service agents for Lennox, Daikin, Mitsubishi, Actron and many others.

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